Enjoy Our Personal Checking Solutions Backed by Personal Service

Regions Global Bank Personal Checking Accounts

What do you expect from your bank? If it’s long lines and poor customer service, it’s time you found a better bank. At Regions Global Bank, we pride ourselves on giving our customers everything they expect from a bank—and more!

Our checking accounts come with a variety of custom options; just pick the one that’s right for you. Backed by our 24/7 automated telephone service and online banking programs, our checking accounts help you keep your finances in order with a minimum of paperwork and stress.

Personal Checking

This is one great checking account!

Our Personal checking account is designed for our clients with moderate balances and features unlimited check-writing. The monthly service charge is waived for customers 55 years and older. By maintaining a minimum daily balance you can avoid paying monthly maintenance fees.

  • Unlimited check writing.
  • No service charge for customers 55 and older.
  • Monthly fees waived if minimum daily balance met.

Personal Checking With Interest

The higher your account balance, the more interest you earn!

Enjoy the benefits of an interest-bearing checking account. When you maintain a minimum average daily balance you also receive unlimited check writing, pay no monthly fees, and earn variable market-tiered interest rates. The higher your balance, the more interest it earns for you!

  • Interest-earning checking account.
  • Market-tiered interest rates.
  • Unlimited check writing.
  • Monthly fees waived if minimum daily balance met.

Balance Plus Checking

A convenient line of credit tied directly to your checking account.

Our exclusive Balance Plus account includes a convenient line of credit linked directly to your Regions Global Bank checking account. It gives you additional credit for whenever you need it.

  • Personal line of credit.
  • Credit line linked to your checking account
  • Provides extra funds whenever you need them.

The Personal Checking Package

So much more than the traditional checking account.

A packaged account for our customers interested in easy access to multiple banking services. Features include Internet access, bill payment services and free checks. This is a complete banking program for clients who want the ultimate in checking convenience.

  • Multiple banking service package.
  • Internet access and bill pay included.
  • Free checks.