Count on Professional Bankers Who Know You and Understand the Needs of Your Business

Five Star Services: "Above and Beyond Banking"

As one of our valued business banking customers, you’ll enjoy a relationship with professional bankers who know you personally and who understand the unique needs of your business. At Regions Global Bank, our dedication to personal, customer service is just one way we’re different from our competitors.

We make sure you have direct access to your accounts and to many of our services through advanced information technology. Each product and service we offer is designed to help you make your business more productive and successful.

Account Reconciliation

Automatically reconcile your checking accounts with your accounting software program. This is especially helpful for companies with large volume accounts. Items are compared against paid check information at the bank. Compares outstanding checks with serial numbers, issue dates and dollar amounts. Reconciled items are then listed in an online register where you can sort, filter and download these items.

  • Reconcile accounts with your own software.
  • Ideal for companies with large volume accounts.
  • Online register allows you to sort, filter and download.

Cashier Checks & Travelers Checks

We offer safe and secure Cashier’s Checks and Travelers Checks to our customers so they can conduct their financial business without having to deal in cash. Both are available at any of our bank branches. Call us for rates and fees.

  • Cashier’s checks and Travelers Checks available.
  • Call for fees and other charges.
  • Safer than cash.

Check Images

With our Cash Management service you can access images of your checks online for up to 60 days after the check has been paid. Just click on the check number and an image of the front and back of the check will be displayed and is ready to print. Simplify paperwork and reduce the clutter of monthly statements with our Check Image service. Receive reduced-size images of every canceled check, printed in numerical order on your business banking monthly statement. You still have all of the “proof of payment” information you need, but now organized in one easy-to-read document.

  • "Proof of Payment" information included.
  • Reduce fraud.
  • View images of questionable checks online.

Collection Services

If the prospect of working cumbersome or “impossible” accounts seems overwhelming, let us help! We can help your business recover insufficient funds on returned checks, collect funds drawn on foreign banks, and assist you with any unusual financial activity.

  • Foreign transaction assistance.
  • Collect on checks returned for insufficient funds.
  • Assist with unusual or cumbersome collection tasks.

Deposit Courier

A valuable and convenient service that makes those disruptive trips to the bank every day obsolete. Though we would still love to see you, Regions Global Bank can arrange same-day pick up of your non-cash deposits.

  • No more daily trips to the bank.
  • Same-day pickups of non-cash deposits.
  • Save your valuable time for more important tasks.

Electronic Tax Payments

Regions Global Bank Cash Management lets you easily complete federal tax payments electronically. Tax payments are then transmitted via ACH to the appropriate agency. A fast and convenient medium for payment of all federal and state taxes.

  • Pay federal tax payments electronically.
  • Fast and convenient payments.
  • Transmitted via ACH to appropriate agency.

Image Statements

Receive organized monthly account statements with reduced-size images for your checks. Instead of having to sort through piles of paid checks, you’ll receive a single statement with images of your checks printed in order. You still have all of the “proof of payment” information you need, in a less-cluttered, easier-to-manage format.

  • Streamlined and organized monthly statement.
  • Reduced-size image of checks.
  • Proof-of-payment information included.

Night Drop Services

For all of your ‘after hours’ deposits, our night drop provides a safe harbor for your deposits for next day processing. Free starter bags included!

Notary Services

Regions Global Bank has a number of on-site Notaries at each location to assist our clients when they need them.

Online Access to Balances

At Regions Global Bank our Cash Management Services provide convenient access to your accounts. No matter how many accounts your business maintains, you can get an up-to-date financial picture at a glance online. Check your balance summary for your checking, savings and loan accounts, all from the comfort of your home or office, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Track items for tax purposes. Transfers can be initiated. Bill payment services are available.

  • View your account details.
  • Get your complete financial picture.
  • Access from any computer — 24/7.

Payroll Services

Regions Global Bank will partner with various payroll service providers to customize packages to address your business payroll needs and take the stress out of your company’s payroll process. Save time and reduce errors with our business-friendly payroll services programs.

  • We work with payroll service providers.
  • Custom program to meet your business needs.
  • Save time and reduce errors.

Positive Pay

This service allows you to complete a daily review of your own check issued records and those processed by Regions Global Bank. Import your issued items into Cash Management and the system will compare the items issued to the items that have paid. If there are any discrepancies you can view the check image online and determine if the item is to be paid or returned.

  • Compare your financial records with the bank's.
  • Import items to compare paid items.
  • View check image online.
  • Reduce Fraud

Safe Deposit Boxes

Available in all sizes at all Regions Global Bank locations, we offer a secure method for storing your valuable items. Four sizes are available.

Zero Balance Accounting

We’re here to make your banking less stressful and more efficient! One way we can help is to periodically “sweep” funds from your general to payable and receivable accounts. You set the schedule for zero balance sweeps between your Regions Global Bank business checking accounts.