Merchant Bankcard Services
from Regions Global Bank

Running your business is hard work. At MVB we’ve learned that most business owners might not remember who handles their card processing…but what they do remember is frustration over fees, inadequate client support and reporting issues. At Regions Global Bank we do it better. We understand the importance of having someone you can reach (in the same time zone) particularly when something goes wrong.

We also understand that you depend upon card based (both credit & debit) transactions for a significant amount of your business. We have a Division dedicated to the service and support of our Merchant Bankcard Clients. We are a bank that works directly with one of the largest credit card processors in the UK and has a direct license with both VISA, MasterCard & Discover, we are able to provide extremely competitive pricing, the latest innovations available in the industry plus outstanding service.

Regions Global Bank Clients Enjoy:

  • 24 hour funding with your MVB checking account (some conditions apply).
  • Competitive Pricing with No Long Term Contractual Commitments.
  • Personalized Customer Service.

At Regions Global Bank we are truly able to provide you with not just better banking, but a far superior card processing experience. We will help you harness the latest technology to streamline your operations and help you grow your business while working to tailor solutions for your unique business needs. All of these things combine to allow you to provide your customers with the best experience possible, while running your business even better.