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About Regions Global Bank

About Regions Global BankCongratulations... for saying “no” to the lukewarm customer service of other banks. And thank you for deciding to experience Regions Global Bank’s customized banking products and personal customer service.

Your Regions Global Bank experience begins with our commitment to our customers. We treat you the way we want to be treated—with professionalism and courtesy. We greet our customers by name and are glad to see them when they stop by one of our offices. It’s our pleasure to assist you whenever you need us.

We're on your side, helping you make smart financial decisions to improve your quality of life.

When we originally opened for business in July 2001. With a continuum of acquisitions and mergers in the banking industry, the resulting decline in service levels created an opportunity for specializing in service excellence. We are a duly incorporated commercial bank offering multiple financial services to its clients in London and globally. We are one of the leading commercial banks in London.

We offer first class and world standard services to our clients, our core values include: Excellence, Ethics, Trust, Teamwork, Passion for Customers, and Continuous Learning so as to serve you better. We are 100% customers oriented, MIB is set to ensure the growth and development of a people by offering excellent banking services, giving a cutting edge even in loans and grants.

Our business model has proven successful from its inception. We continue to grow and thrive. Our future looks brighter than ever as we continue to build a secure financial institution focused on serving our community and meeting the highest expectations of our customers.

We’re committed to making banking convenient and dependable.

Our Philosophy

Your Success is Our Mission

More than just a marketing slogan, "Your Success is Our Mission" summarizes our way of doing business, and echoes our commitment to provide “added value” to every customer relationship. Our objective is to enhance the financial well-being of each customer, and to contribute to his or her personal and business success.